Joseph Cieslik

I am a software developer with experience spanning web, backend, and mobile development. I previously worked at an edtech startup and a social media startup. Now I do contract full stack development with a friend. In my free time I develop side projects, like this wiki, blog about programming, and work with my hands. My interests include philosophy, penetration testing, functional programming(on the long journey to Haskell mastery), space mission design and operation, and human longevity. When I'm not glued to a command line I'm usually hiking or sport climbing/bouldering. I've volunteered at Derbycon, Hackers on Planet Earth, Makevention, and DevOpsDays Chicago. If you see me at a conference or around Bloomington, IN (maybe at Bloominglabs) say hi!

I use these editors,
Vim Sublime Text 3
to write code in these languages,
Python Java HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js Haskell Purescript Elixir Dart
these frameworks,
Bootstrap jQuery Flask Express Android Flutter React Redux Sequelize Architect Bulma
and also work with these tools.
PostgreSQL SQLite GNU/Linux MongoDB LaTeX Photoshop git bash AWS Heroku Firebase

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Sometimes I write about these tools.